April 19, 2001

Bam. Got tools and developing like a madman. Got called a code-monkey yesterday. That was cool. Using FuseBox to develop this app and it rocks. If you use ColdFusion and you aren't using FuseBox, you are working too hard.

Awesome quote from Richard Boucher on China, "The United States is interested in productive talks and not just using the meetings ``as a forum for restating views that we've heard before,'' department spokesman Richard Boucher said. " I am so sick of hearing about the "Spy Plane" and China's rhetoric. As DickieB said, "ya ti da, ya ti da, ya ti da". Give us the plane back, quit your whining and accept the fact that we are going to watch your sorry asses, and close.

Here is a clue to the Chinese - you want us to stop flying so close to China, ok, we will, when you do the following:
Stop building and testing submarines developed specifically designed to operate in the littoral area around Taiwan and to destroy our Aircraft Carriers.
Stop building and testing missile technology that will have a profound impact on the "arms race in space"
Stop helping Iraq better their military infrastructure and offensive weapons of mass destruction
Stop training your military officers to believe that war with the US is inevitable and that their purpose is to prepare for that conflict.

I realize China is never going to stop these things, but then, why should we stop watching?

US NAVY INTEL "In God we trust, all others we monitor."

"Only silly spies fly around in a big propeller driven aircraft with the words "U.S. Navy" on the side in 8 inch letters."

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