March 26, 2004

Beautiful out the last couple of days. It will probably rain this weekend, they are saying that anyway. I doubt it. I have Drill this weekend which normally means the weather is beautiful. I was teaching Sam how to play P-I-G the other day; we had just put the basketball hoop back up. I waited until he made one and then I missed on purpose. I told him, "Ok, now I have P!" Then he missed, I made one and he missed, so I said, (not in proper English) "Now you got a P!" He just looked at me funny. He said, "No I don't." I started to explain that after I make a basket and then he misses, how he gets a P. But he interrupted me and yelled "Dad, I don't hafta pee right now!" He thought I was telling him "You gotta pee." Lesson: proper grammer and pronounciation with 4 year olds is a good idea.

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