June 23, 2004

I am going to start something today - who knows how long it will go on. If it is anything like most things I start, probably only a few days to a few weeks, but at least my subject matter is never ending. I am going to review pointless web pages.

In today's installment, please feel free to visit www.crapola.com, the very "pointless web site" that motivated me to this monumental undertaking.

This site, operated Feedback Communications and owned by Keir Jens-Smith is simplistic in its pointlessness. It features an image of a standard issue, green-translucent, plastic water pistol. Its a squirt gun with the word "crapola" emblazoned on it. The mouse-over for the image is also artistically simple. It simply says "[bring out the big guns]", in an understated, lower-case fashion.

The quote below the water pistol image, by
Hunter S. Thompson is probably the single most pointless aspect of the entire site. The text on a web page is what usually leads a visitor to meaning, something to tie images to ideas and help make the message clear.

When I tried to decypher this site, the quote threw me off the track, which perhaps was its purpose.

I'll let you make some of your own observations, then come back to this site later and try to enlighten myself and you as to what it means, what its point might be. Until then, I am going to go eat my spaghetti.

4 of 5 Pointless Points

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