April 30, 2007


I know I have posted before about how dumb I think McDonalds is. Never said I would stop eating there, but I probably should from the whole health and fitness perspective.
Yesterday I picked up food there for one of my kids that didn't want Taco Bell like the other two and my wife. I saw their patented sign just before the drive-thru that said "for faster service, please have your money ready."
I always mentally reply "For EVEN FASTER service, please have my food ready!"
Of course, since I had ordered something with a slight change to how it is normally slapped together, I expected a slight delay. What actually happened was that I was directed around the corner to a parking spot with a sign in front of it that I was not surprised by, but also didn't expect.
"This spot reserved for parked drive-thru customers."
There were two spots.
Want me to repeat that for you?
"Parked Drive Thru Customers"

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