June 26, 2001

McDonald's Number Two. This one is dumber than the last. At least this guy was fast and courteous. I ordered my food. He told me the total was $4.97 and that I should pull around. So I did, as I try to follow directions when I can. I even had my money ready for him, I handed him a $5 bill. Are you ready? Know what he said next?

"Did you want your three pennies?"

So I thought, "Hmmm, good question, I mean, it is only three pennies."

YES I WANT MY PENNIES YOU MORON. DO YOU THINK MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE THEM? How many cars go through a McDonald's drive thru every day? 100? 200? Is this guy asking everyone for their change? If it had been $4.03, would he have said "Did you want your three quarters, two dimes and two pennies? It's just change you know."

YES I WANT MY CHANGE YOU MORON. Are you a McEmployee or a McPanhandler? What the McHell is this world coming to? Of course I want my change. I don't know about you, but I love change. Know why? Because I put that change in a little can when I get home. And when I end up a little short for the month, that can comes in handy. In fact, it comes in very handy. I don't know how long it took to save up this much change, but I didn't do it by giving McIdiots my three McPennies. So, there is my two McCents worth.

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