September 12, 2001

CNN News Coverage

The peaceful ones point their fingers at the war-mongers and say "who are you going to attack?" They say we are not at war and we don't know who the enemy is. They need to watch the news. We know who the enemy is. We have their car, we have their suitcase, we have intercepted their celebratory congratulations to one another proclaiming "we hit the target!" We are in the process of tieing the entire chain of events back to one person, Osama bin Laden.
So the peaceful ones keep quoting Ghandi - "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will leave us all eyeless and toothless" - that's right. You go ahead, peaceful ones, put things into a comfortable context and take a biblical statement literally. The war-mongers are mad. We dedicated our lives to making sure that the people that worked in the World Trade Center didn't have to worry about being attacked. We helped create a United States that doesn't have anti-aircraft guns and missiles surrounding our major cities. We built a country where you felt safe, where you could raise your voice in protest, where you could call us baby-killers and animals, and you were safe and comfortable. We spent our lives on watch, below decks, in the sand, on the post and on guard. A great number of us died so that you could remain free, and be safe.
Now you aren't free, you will see some of your liberties taken away. You aren't safe, you could be the next to perish in a fiery crash caused by those that don't treasure your freedom. You are the targets of people that are not afraid to die for a cause that they believe in.
So now your tune starts to change. You tie on your yellow ribbons and vow to support us, because now you need us. You need us to make you free again. You need us to keep you safe again. We don't want a war. We don't want to start a war. We do want to make you safe again, and we want you to be free. This is a cause that we believe in so strongly, that we are willing to die for it. Things are different now, and yet they remain strangely familiar. We will do our jobs, so that you can continue to do yours. You don't have to thank us, and you can even start calling us war-mongers again. We know, that deep inside, you appreciate the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines that have died for you before, who stand in harm's way for you now, and will dedicate their entire being, up to their last breath to defending the freedom that was attacked on Sept 11, 2001. We will attack those that attacked New York and D.C. - we will take away their ability to do it again. We will make martyrs of those that aspire to martydom and we will continue to punish those that step up to take their place. The United States will overcome this, and you will be free again; you will be safe again, you peaceful ones.

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