December 28, 2001

Well here I am again. Last time I wrote here, I was still a reservist. If you hadn't heard, I was recalled to active duty and reported on Dec 4, 2001. I will be on Active Duty until December 3, 2002. I won't go on and on about that, if you want that scoop on the web, go to and you can read the whole deal with updates there.
The reason I am writing here tonight is this: horoscopes. I hardly ever read them, and tonight I discovered why. On the few occasions that I do check my horoscope, like tonight, it is so eerily accurate that I just turn away. This one was so close to reality that I felt I had to save it here and share it. Here it is:

You aren't on the same wavelength as the rest of the world. Where other people see red warning lights, you see a challenge. Where they see problems, you see opportunity. When they feel danger, you feel beckoned. You're tapped into a much more interesting and different reality these days, so don't expect that anybody is going to understand your war stories. In fact, you may want to lay low and fade into the woodwork for a while, at least until you can mesh your reality with theirs.

This doesn't explain why I am in Florida, but it sure goes along with it. I think just as an experiment I will be checking my horoscope more often for a bit to see if it remains accurate. If it does, then I will write more about it. If not, well then here is a conversation peice for later I suppose.