July 20, 2012

Be a better, faster learner.

Great post at Mark Sanborn's Leadership blog, and since I commented on it, I thought I would put it here on  my blog too.  Kind of like the tagline from the notepad company I like, "I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I am writing it down to remember it now."

The main points:

To be a better, faster learner you need to do these things:

1. Slow down. If you are moving too fast, information is getting passed over or filtered out.

2. Reflect. That means contemplating not just on what happened, but what it means.

3. Record. Keeping a journal will help you capture lessons to review or reconsider in the future.

4. Share. You’ll gain additional insights and notice nuances when you share what you’ve learned with others, whether your team or someone you mentor.

Seems to me that these four steps might not just help you become a better learner, they might be good for your health as well.  I might need that.