January 17, 2005

ABC News: Kerry Criticizes Election Outcome

In Democratic districts, it took people four, five, eleven hours to vote, while Republicans (went) through in 10 minutes same voting machines, same process, our America," he said.

So there were Republicans and Democrats standing in the same line and some people were moved to the front of the line because they were voting Republican? Or wait, there were two seperate (but equal?) lines, one for Democratic voters and one for Republican voters, and the people running the Republican line had their shit together?

This makes no sense Sen. Kerry - even if someone screwed with the machines in your so-called "Democratic Districts" there still would have been people in those same eleven hour lines that intended to vote Republican - didn't hear from them though, did you?

I wonder if the election had gone the other way, if Sen. Kerry had been elected - would the Republicans be making the same charge - that machines were distributed unevenly, that people's names had been purged from the voter registration roles? I doubt it. Only nasty Republicans would stoop to those levels - and of course they are smart enough to tinker with the process just enough to ensure a victory, but not make it so obviously lop-sided that one would have to cry foul. 286-251, Sen. Kerry - do you really think the saboteurs are THAT good, that they could cut it that close? I don't.

January 12, 2005

A Christmas Story

I keep telling people verbally about the stunt my youngest pulled on Christmas, so I figured I would preserve it here as well.

Caleb's birthday is Dec 19th, so on Christmas he was still full of pride for achieving the ripe old age of 4. He was showing Great Grandma Dix (my grandma, now 90) how old he was with his fingers. She asked him if he knew how old she was. Then she began to open and close all ten of her fingers, counting up ten, twenty, thirty as she went. When she got to fifty, Caleb said "Holy crap." And turned and walked away. While I was mortified, my Dad's sisters all fell off their chairs laughing, so did Great Grandma.

Baby McDonald born at McDonalds

Someone actually asked this person if they were going to name the baby "Ronald." People should be allowed to slap people that are that stupid.

MSN tests new blog, search features | CNET News.com

Blogging is here and its not going anywhere. As it gains popularity and respect, more and more information brokers, MyMSN in this case, are making it easier and easier to get to the enormous volume of information produced every seven seconds in the blogosphere. It makes me wonder though; are we seeing a shift from the "come to my site" mentality toward the "listen to what I have to say" scenario? With the use of Feedreaders like NewsGator, and even Microsoft Outlook Express and Firefox 1.0 from Mozilla sitting on people's desktops - no longer do they have to go out and find the news they want, they can have it delivered. Exactly what you want to know about, nothing you don't, all brought to you in a timely fashion.

January 06, 2005

Phisher Flaw in Firefox

Say "Phisher Flaw in Firefox" 10 times as fast as you can. The article linked here will discuss the first security breach in my new favorite browser. There will be more, but they will be fixed. Since it is an open source collaboration, this one will be fixed faster than Microsoft could. ;)