August 29, 2003

Pioneer Press | 08/25/2003 | DOING GOOD

Above is an article in the St. Paul paper about the Chief Selects and I making a narrow path wide again. :)

August 28, 2003

Actually, here is something interesting. In my quest to get answers to some of the more inane questions that the Chief's mess is asking of us, I ran across an email address for a chief that was on the USS Ticonderoga when I was serving as a mess crank (cook) in the Chief's mess. I sent him a note and gave him a little bit of grief for making me prepare him omlettes with no yolks and he remembered me. He thought I was still in Norfolk and invited me to his retirement ceremony. He is a senior chief now, great guy. Going to be cool to have some guidance from him to include in my collection.
I haven't got anything to say of great importance, but I did promise myself that I was going to start this thing up again. Apparently I don't even have any cheese for anyone to move. Very wrapped up in my Navy stuff now, busy as hell. Trying to get my work life in shape so I can take off for my two weeks. I will be so glad when that two week evolution is over and my life can go back to being just abnormal instead of insanely abnormal.

August 22, 2003

This is funny. They have been collecting printed materials like labels and instructions for stuff made in other countries, but written in English. Funny, funny stuff.

Here it is. This is the page that you visit to update your blogs. I wonder why my last blog was OVER A YEAR AGO.