December 14, 2006

I know where you ran last summer...

Nike+iPod raises RFID privacy concerns

Takeaway: Security expert Bruce Schneier calls the risk of tracking someone via the RFID chip in the shoe-iPod technology "very scary."

Security expert Bruce Schneier has highlighted privacy concerns around the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a technology that lets people track time and other statistics while running.

He drew attention to a demonstration by researchers at the University of Washington of a surveillance system that automatically tracks people through the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, which consists of a wireless sensor that fits into Nike+ Air Zoom Moire sneakers and a small white receiver that plugs in to an iPod Nano.

Yup, be careful, because if someone is hiding in the bushes 60 ft away from where you run, they'll be able to track you, as long as you stay withing 60 feet of them, so I guess you could run a circle around them, that would be cool. Nevermind that if they are 60 ft away from you, they SHOULD be able to SEE you with their eyes.


December 12, 2006

Wine Bottle Opener

This is a funny commercial of two chicks betting on who can get a date. The out come is obvious.