March 09, 2007

Its not a secret

I have been noticing discussions on the radio, blogs and even face to face about "Secrets of Success." You can go to the book store or the web and pay money to learn the secrets. What I have been hearing though is that many of the secrets are really just novel ways of stating common sense. Knowledge that is easily found for free, or learned in your daily life, when presented by an expert in fluffy language is not secret.
That being said, here's a secret I learned today. And its free.
The only way to get things done is to actually sit down and do them.
I got some things done today. Finally.

Another week gone

I can't believe it is Friday again and so soon. It seems like I came in here and it was Monday and I had a plan for what I wanted to accomplish. I always hate Fridays because I am forced to look back on the week. By forced, I mean that at least in my civilian job I have to account for my time by submitting a time-sheet. Time flies by so fast that it is hard to look back to Monday now and even know where to start. First thing though, I have to get through the rest of today.

The link for today is to Mark Sanborn's latest post on You Don't Need a title.

I subscribe to his blog via Feedburner, and it is one of only two that I actually set to have delivered to my inbox. Today's post gives three steps toward an 'extraordinary' life driven by your internal forces. First step is recognize and believe. The second step is identify. The third step is implement. Damn that third step.

March 06, 2007

Update on writing...

The quote was from Francis Bacon.

"Reading makes a man broad but writing makes an exact man."

I have yet to achieve any level of exactness.

Writing to write

I have a quote on my wall at work, and I can't remember who said it. I keep thinking of the quote though, so its content for me is more powerful than the person who actually said it. Paraphrased, it is 'reading makes a well rounded man, but writing makes a complete man'
If its true, I am far from complete. Since my middle boy just came down to my office for some homework help, its not surprising that I never take time to write. Its one of those things that I wish I would make time for.
I have Collen Mariah Rae's book Movies in the Mind - How to build a short story turned, cover facing out, on my desk's book shelf. Must of been a half subconscious effort to remind myself.
I have completely paid the tuition for the Institute for Children's literature course but have yet to complete a single assignment.
I have had this blog for years, probably since shortly after was launched, and only have now approached the 200 posting mark. Some of the posts were writing, but most were just links and snide comments about something.
Perhaps this is the first of more writing posts, perhaps its a stab at something I know I want but don't know how to get. Here's to hoping I figure it out.