March 26, 2004

Beautiful out the last couple of days. It will probably rain this weekend, they are saying that anyway. I doubt it. I have Drill this weekend which normally means the weather is beautiful. I was teaching Sam how to play P-I-G the other day; we had just put the basketball hoop back up. I waited until he made one and then I missed on purpose. I told him, "Ok, now I have P!" Then he missed, I made one and he missed, so I said, (not in proper English) "Now you got a P!" He just looked at me funny. He said, "No I don't." I started to explain that after I make a basket and then he misses, how he gets a P. But he interrupted me and yelled "Dad, I don't hafta pee right now!" He thought I was telling him "You gotta pee." Lesson: proper grammer and pronounciation with 4 year olds is a good idea.

March 19, 2004

The snow is gone and it is supposed to get up to 50 degrees today. Right now it is 49, but the wind is making it feel like about 40. Everything is covered with sand and salt, makes the world look dirty around these parts. A couple good hard rains will take care of that.
To motivate myself to start running again, I looked for a race to sign up for. I missed the deadline for Grandma's marathon this year, and its too early to sign up for the Twin Cities Marathon. What I found was a suprisingly shorter route, only a 5K, but to me much more meaningful than any race I have run in the past. It became something more than just a reason to train. My Race for the Cure Page.

March 05, 2004

The snow was all gone. All that remained were the big piles where the plows had stacked it up high and dirty. Sam starting wanting me to take the training wheels of his bike, because we can "see the grass now!" That has been remedied. Early, early this morning it started snowing. And it is still snowing. Looks like about 4 inches where I live, more than that to the South and East. We had a huge snowball fight in the driveway this morning. You can hardly tell I shovelled before the battle broke out.