August 22, 2008

Two party communication...

My dad used to get annoyed at Sportscasters and Analysts that would say things like "Boy the Twin's pitching was really bad today." He probably still does to a certain extent, but I think I have taken it to the next level, as I will show in a minute here with a work analogy. He used to say "Do you suppose the other team's HITTERS had anything to do with the outcome, or should we JUST blame the pitching staff?" Even as a kid, this made sense to me. Both parties had something to do with it. Same thing holds true in communication. I actually heard someone say this today...
"I wish someone would explain this correctly."
Since I have the ability to instantly translate what people say into what they actually mean, I will share said translation of the above with you now.
"I don't get it. Can you try explaining it to me in a different way?"
I explain things the best I can, and I have had communications classes from high school, college and the military. I was a Toastmaster, I know how to tailor a message to the audience. I am not saying I am perfect, but what I am saying is this:
"If you don't get it, try to at least entertain the notion that it might be YOU, and not just your perception that I am incapable of the 'correct' explanation."

I'm just sayin...

Update: Dad read it and we should probably credit to the guys he first heard it from.
I first heard that thought on Monday night football, prolly more than thirty years ago--Dan Dierdoof said it to Howard Cosell when Howard had carried on for three quarters on how badly X team was playing. "Howard, you don't think those other guys may possibly have something to do with that?"