February 05, 2001

January 26 was the last time I wrote anything here. Just like the empty notebooks and journals I carry around with me daily, this place has been somewhat void of my writings. There have been in my life many more project initiations than project completions. I feel like a walking major corporation that always has lots of irons in the fire, but rarely celebrates the completion of anything. Understanding that something like making entries into a journal or a weblog really has no ending point, it is easy to say "I will do it tomorrow." Well, I have missed about 10 tomorrows since I last wrote here; since I last wrote anywhere. There are so many things that take up time, some important, some not. Priorities are screwed. I do what I can, but there are a heck of a lot of things that need doing that go undone. Avoidance, laziness. Disconnect. I need to plug back in. I never should have wasted that time watching Jesse and the XFL stink up Las Vegas in front of one of the largest television audiences ever. I can't believe I was IN that audience. Ever want to know what it is like to be part of a hoarde of morons? Watch the XFL next Saturday. You'll get the same sensation if you bang your head against the wall for three hours. Difference is, the pain caused by watching that game is over when the game is over, but your head is going to hurt and you'll probably have to repair your wall if you try my alternate method.

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