December 14, 2004

Syndication...of what?

I spent a good part of tonight learning about syndication and publishing of XML and Atom feeds. Learned quite a bit from and I did all of this for someone else's blog site, and in doing so, realized that I haven't written anything here in about a month.

So I set up all the syndication and pinging and XML feed stuff. I "burned my feed" to not coin a phrase, but borrow one that seems like it was coined mere months ago.

I even hooked up some automatic stuff with Amazon that will automatically insert links to products that are sold there when I talk about them in my blog. If you were to click on said links and then follow through and purchase said item, I would in theory get a commission on said sale.

So if I were to mention the fact that I would love to get the Big and Rich CD for Christmas, I would assume that there might be a link to said Big and Rich CD in my feed. You could click on the link, buy the CD and send it to me, AND I would get some money from your sale!! Isn't that devious? Of course, it is only going to put links in every third post I write, and only if said post is greater than 50 words long.

So yeah, I am trying to motivate myself to post more and more often. The next thing I am going to do is look into some micro-content thing that is supposed to make your blogs look even cooler than they already do.

Right now, there is only one person I know of that actually takes a look at this blog once in awhile, and I am not sure if he still does. Tony, if you do, buy me that CD for Christmas, will ya?

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