October 13, 2005

Is this Thursday?

On the way to work this morning, my car started sounding like a hundred Harley's in need of a tune-up. I pulled over, called my wife and cursed a blue-streak because she lets me, hung up and drove the loud-ass car home. I took her van to work and actually had a really productive day. When I got home, I popped the hood and noticed the spark plug wire hanging around in the unproductive disconnected position. Peeking into the space it should have occupied, I noticed a distinctive lack of a spark plug. Nice. I took the van to the auto parts store and bought another one. Caleb my 4 year old was with me. After discussing the days events, like how his cousin bby was over, and so was our friend's son Miles, and Miles slept in the bean bag all day, he asked out of the blue, "What do elephants eat?" I told him peanuts. Its all I could think of right away. Then my brain kicked into gear, so I finished with, "and pizza and corn-dogs, same stuff you like."
Sitting at dinner the phone rang. It was my hunting buddy Joel. We were hunting this weekend. He said "Where are you?" I said I was at home. He asked me if I remebered the last thing I told him when I left his house on Sunday night. I did. Don't forget the Happy Hour on Thursday. Is this Thursday? Yeah, it is.

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