November 09, 2005

Self Destructive Tendencies?

Last night I was talking with my boys about their days. My oldest told me the best part of his day was the media center, where they learned a little about the Dewey Decimal system and then were allowed to check out books. Funny how he says he hates reading but the Media Center is his favorite part of the school day. My youngest said Art was the best part of his day. It usually is. Sam the fish said "learning centers" were his high point. I wasn't sure what that meant so I probed deeper. I asked him what a learning center was. He told me that was where a group of people went to play and learn, like a certain area, the "blocks" area or the "coloring" area, for example.
I asked Sam if he went to each Learning Center with the same kids, or if he got to work/play with other kids each day. He said "Well, only if its 'self-destructive' learning time, then we can go wherever we want."
Self-instructed. I knew what he meant.

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