June 14, 2006

Get on the Registry - Marrow Donor Registry

I got this email today from the NMDP, National Marrow Donor Program. A few years back the company I worked for paid for the tissue typing test, an extra couple vials of blood during a donation and I got on the registry. A couple years later I ended up donating Marrow for a 13 year old boy that needed a transplant. If you give blood regularly, you are the kind of person that should get on the registry. If you don't give blood regularly, why not? (The tissue typing is done now with a cheek-swab, so you don't get to use that "I'm afraid of needles." excuse anymore.)

The NMDP introduces the option of joining the Registry online.

It's this easy:

Visit www.marrow.org/HELP/join_now.html.

Review donor eligibility requirements.

Complete and return the registration form to order a tissue typing kit, along with a payment of $52 to cover tissue typing costs.

Receive by mail a simple, do-it-yourself tissue testing kit. The kit includes everything needed to collect cheek cells using cotton swabs and return for tissue testing. The results of the test will be added to the Registry.

Those who prefer to join at a drive can find the location nearest them, where they'd have the option to Join in Person.

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