November 22, 2010

Caribou, Football, Dominoes and my two youngest...

Sure its kind of a pain in the supple buttocks that my kids all go to school in a town 10 miles the opposite direction of my work from my house.  But after I drop the oldest of the three at the High School, I have a little time to kill before the Elementary bus comes to get the other two.  Sometimes we go to the bus stop and throw whatever ball we happen to have in the car around to each other.  Today though, for the second time in as many weeks that I have brought them to school in the morning, we went to Caribou.  The first time, they both got the "kids" hot chocolate.  Its a smaller, colder version, and this morning both boys told me that they were pretty sure that a small would be better.  Hotter and bigger, right?  We got our drinks and sat down for the customary game of dominoes, and half way through the youngest asked if he could go get an ice cube from the barrista.  I said "Sure." and off he went.  The middle boy said only loud enough for me to hear "Maybe somebody should have ordered the kids hot chocolate."

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