December 11, 2003

ABI Hosting | The truth about cookies

I ran across this link this morning looking for an answer to a test question on a Cold Fusion Application Development exam I was reviewing for a friend of mine.
The question was "How many cookies per domain can exist on your computer?" Well the answer is 20, which the page linked above states, but there is also
some pretty good myth-busting going on there too. To sum it up, a cookie is stored on YOUR computer, so you are ultimately in control. But even today, there
is no way a web site, unscrupulous or not, is going to get your email address, name, phone number or dress size, UNLESS YOU TELL THEM. Cookies can't read
your mind. However I can tell right now that your browser can be described like this: #cgi.http_user_agent# and it is about #timeFormat(now())# EST right now. Pretty useful stuff. I just invaded your privacy, but not really.

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