December 08, 2003

Minnesota Vikings: The Official Team Web Site

Its games like this that really give the shock absorbers on the bandwagon a workout. All around Minnesota water coolers, those same people that have badmouthed Daunte Culpepper, accused Randy Moss of slacking and openly wondered what Mike Tice was smoking are all aboard the fairweather fan bandwagon.
The Vikings gave Seattle a thrashing this weekend that was reminiscent of previous seasons in which December brought a flurry of wins launching the Vikes into Postseason play, only to be soundly trounced in the first or second round.
I am here to tell you, this year will be no different. The Vikes have Chicago, Kansas City and Arizona left on their schedule. They will beat Chicago, but just barely. Kansas City will beat them, but not by much. The last game of the season, Arizona will wish they had just packed it in early, the Vikes will have their way with them and head into the playoffs with a head of steam like never before. Here is my prediction though; they will lose either the first or second game of the playoffs by a margin of 20 points or more. Good luck to them.

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