January 27, 2004

Many parts of the United States are experiencing what we here in Minnesota like to call "a bit of winter". Doesn't mean much to us except it is time to watch the stupid people crash their cars into ditches and bridges because they don't know what "slow down" means or think it doesn't apply to them. Some of us have to shovel because the last few winters have been so completely lame that it makes no sense to purchase a gigantic snow-thrower that would likely sit in the corner of my garage scaring my kids and not get used due to lack of snow.
So as I was leaving for work this morning, my wife called out, "Try not to work super-late tonight."
Apparently I am unknowingly becoming some kind of over-achieving work-a-holic. The funny part was though, in true, dyed in the wool, born and raised in Minnesota fashion, my three year old son Caleb chimed in right after his Mom, "And dribe carefuwy!"

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