December 27, 2004

USA versus Everybody

Peace on Earth, good will toward man. Kind between a rock and a hard place when it comes to supporting Taiwan. Independence was something the British vowed to crush at one point in American history too.
China Army Will 'Crush' Any Taiwan Independence Move
Forget about "links" to al Qaida - The militant group Ansar al-Sunna should be as big a priority as bin Ladin himself.
Iraq Militants Post Video on Bombing of U.S. Base
And things aren't going so well in North Korea either.
Nuclear Weapons Program: North Korea
But here is the real kicker, and information you will be lucky to find unless you look for it...
Poll shows troops in support of war
So here is my fear, eventually something is going to pop and I am not entirely sure why it hasn't already. Everyone knows that the US Military is underfunded for the missions it is currently being tasked with. The December 26th natural disaster will surely warrant some diversion of US Military assets for HA missions. If China decides to take back Taiwan, we have to respond. If North Korea invades the South, or worse yet, nukes them, we have to respond. The question is though, with what? Not the Reserve and National Gaurd, they're as tapped out as the active duty forces.
I am not going to predict anything, for fear I would be right. Lets just say I am not comfortable right now. Not one bit.

This just posted to Drudge. Looks like if we help Taiwan in a pinch, Russia may be a possible ally for China. How Nice.


Anonymous said...

Who gave the USA the right to police the world. Most of the worlds trouble starts with USA interference.

Unknown said...

I guess I wouldn't use "right" as the term, I would use "responsibility". Other than that, its kind of hard to discuss a generality such as "most of the world's trouble". If you want to talk about the US 'starting' trouble, then give an example. For example, the US support of Iraq way back when it was Iraq vs. Iran may have 'started' thier trouble. But I don't think at yesterday's Assembly of the Iraqi Parliment you would have heard any grumbling about US interference. In fact, what you would more likely have heard from the Shiite, Sunni and Kurd representatives would have been about the liberal media's 'interference'. They refer to the left as "pests" now. ;)

Unknown said...

By the way, when you ask a question, (identified by the first word of "who") you generally end the sentence with a question mark.