April 12, 2005

Bush Says Hooah!

Today Bush was at Ft. Hood, and mentioned that it was time to give a "proper" Army greeting. There was an akward pause. Then he blurted out, "Hoo ah"!!
After a shorter, but still akward pause, the sum of the audience, mostly groundpounders that had already seen time in Afghanistan and Iraq responded with an actual "proper" response with a loud but gaurded "Hoo ah!!"
It must have been horribly uncomfortable for those crunchies to hear - it made me squirm hearing it on the radio after the fact. Makes me glad the Navy doesn't do silly chants like that, unless of course you are a Seal, but there are a lot of things that they do that I don't understand. Oh well, Semper Gumby. "Always flexible."

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