May 12, 2006

Anger grows over Bush surveillance report

You don't own your phone number

The phone company has not violated anyone's privacy. When you make a phone call, you don't own the number or the technology that takes your voice to the other end. You have the expectation of privacy as to what you actually say, as long as you aren't saying it to someone in another country with established ties to terrorism. There should be no expectation of privacy as to the number you called, the number that called you or how long and on what date that conversation occurred. All of that data belongs to the telephone company and they can do what they want with it.
All of you people that insist on diluting the power of the intelligence community, forcing them to make public all of the secret methods by which they PROTECT you, day in and day out, should be ashamed of yourselves. When the day comes, and it will if we continue on this track, when America is attacked again, the blood of the innocents will be on your hands. When you ask YOUR Government why they did nothing to prevent it...when you demand answers as to why WE didn't see this coming, why didn't WE have the intelligence to stop this horrible atrocity, guess what we are going to say? Because YOU crippled us. You took away our eyes, our ears and our INTELLIGENCE. You killed those people.


Dave Anderson said...

So in effect what you're saying here is that if I expect the NSA to comply with the law, I'm a murderer? Wow. That's the same logic that makes me a terrorist if I don't agree with the president.

Dave Anderson said...

Furthermore, I forgot to mention that what the NSA is purportedly doing with all the call data they're collecting should be offensive to anyone who cares about national security because it's fucking stupid.

Unknown said...

Not exactly. I said when and if the country is attacked again, and the Bush Basher's start the chorus of "Why didn't you do more to stop those responsible for the attack" - cripes go read it again. If you are the person that says everything Bush does is illegal, everything the NSA does is illegal and even people here illegally or with ties to terrorist networks have to have their civil rights protected, then you can't also be the person the bitches when the country is attacked again. You don't go to a gun fight with a butter knife. But that's cool, you can keep bitching, thats what you do. We fight and die for you to have that freedom. You're welcome.

Dave Anderson said...

You kind of missed the point. There is nothing preventing the NSA from spying on terrorists or terrorist suspects. All they have to do is get a warrant from the FISA court. They can even get the warrant after they've already begun spying on them. It is, however, illegal for them to spy on American citizens with no probable (or even possible) cause, and even to collect all of our call data. Aside from the illegality of it, it's patently stupid and counterproductive.

What it sounds like you're fighting for (though clearly not dying for) is not so much my freedom, but an abridgement thereof.

So thanks, but no thanks.

Unknown said...

You're right. Your plan to detect terrorism, terrorists or others that wish to do us harm is much better. Wait, do you have one? Or is it just easier to sit and bash the one we have?