May 10, 2007


Couple things today that I wanted to write down. Mark Sanborn talks about how he likes blogs (and likes TO blog) because he likes to write less and more frequently than stressing out about longer content on a regular basis - printed articles and books I imagine.
I am in the same boat, although I don't do either frequently. Of course his saying it is what prompted me to write this post, so although he'll probably never know it, his post caused action in others. Sometimes a reminder to yourself is that trigger that someone else is looking for.

I also posted something I read at the Meebo blog. They did a little research on Wikipedia about the origin of the emoticon, otherwise known as the smiley. Check it out on my quick-n-dirty _rock_tumblr.

Tumblr is pretty cool, especially if you are looking for a really, really quick and easy way to start blogging. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that a typepad or have, but for some people, simple is good.

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Anonymous said...

I did read your blog and am gratified to know that my blog prompted you to act--very cool!

Keep up the great work.